Our team of editors would be happy to edit any type of scientific document or correspondence you have written. For example:

Scientific manuscripts: Most of the documents we edit each year are manuscripts for publication in peer-reviewed journals. We specialize in helping your science find its audience. Get started now.

Grant applications: We know how important it is for our clients to successfully apply for funding. We have edited grant proposals targeted to the NSF, DOE, USDA, and NIH, including graduate and post-graduate fellowships, and Small Business Innovation Research grants. We can help make your application clear and persuasive. Get started now.

Response to reviewer and rebuttal letters: In our roles as editors, we’ve read (and edited) a lot of response letters, so we can help make sure you respond clearly and completely, without sounding combative. We can’t guarantee that your paper will get accepted, but we can help you make the best case you possibly can. Get started now.

Job applications, curriculum vitae, teaching and research statements, and tenure packets: When you are ready for the next step in your career, you need a compelling, error-free application. We can help. Get started now.

Dissertations and theses: We can help you get your dissertation in good shape before you send it to your readers. Get started now.

Presentations, brochures, and website text: You want your meeting presentation, brochure, or website to appeal to a broad English-speaking audience. We can make sure your text and images work together to convey your message. Get started now.

Peer reviews and other professional correspondence: We can assist you to make these clear and polished. Get started now.

In addition, we offer the following writing services:

Press releases: We will work with you and your institution’s press office to make sure your research makes a good impression. Check out our resumes for links to some of the press releases we’ve written. Contact us to get started.

Coaching: If you, or perhaps one of your graduate students, wants to learn more about writing while improving your manuscript, we can coach you through multiple iterations, from preparing the figures to submitting the final manuscript. We enjoy working with scientists at all stages of their careers. Many of our graduate student authors have commented that they learn a lot about scientific manuscript  writing through the comments and suggestions we provide during the editing process. Contact us to get started.