We prepare personalized price quotes for each editing project based on how much work is needed. To receive your no-obligation price quote, click here.

Our prices include one minor pre-submission revision (polishing) of changes made in response to our edits and suggestions.

Want a rough estimate of what your editing project will cost?

1. Find the column for the number of words in your project (excluding the list of references).
2. Choose your service.
3. See the range of prices quoted for projects of similar length.

Number of words (without reference list)
Service up to 3000 3001-5000 5001-8000 8001-10000 10001 and above
(5 days)
50-320 USD 240-520 USD 400-860 USD 640-1200 USD 800 USD and up
(48 hours)
75-420 USD 360-700 USD 600-1120 USD 960-1400 USD 1200 USD and up
Add-on* 50-120 USD 120-200 USD 200-320 USD 320-400 USD 400 USD and up

*Add-on is a method to prepay for an additional edit of your manuscript after submission/review and of your response letter to reviewers. Alternatively, any additional service can be quoted and paid for separately as needed.