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Preparing Your Manuscript

To get the most out of our services, we recommend that you:

1. Get your manuscript into the best shape you can. 

We will work with whatever you send us, of course, but the closer it is to the final form, the better. That way, we can polish the final wording.  Sometimes, if large structural changes are recommended, we will send your manuscript back to you to make those changes before we polish the final wording.

2. Prepare your figures and legends.

We look carefully at your figures for typos, scientific presentation, and professional appearance. We also refer to the figures while we edit, to make sure we understand and preserve your meaning.

3. Write the cover letter to the editor.

This forces you to summarize in a couple of lines what the most important contribution of the manuscript is.  When you can do that, you (and we) can check to make sure your title, abstract, and manuscript as a whole, emphasize that point.