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Jennifer M. Mach

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Founding Editor
ORCID: 000-0002-1141-6306
Twitter: @JenniferMach2 topic: Emerging Research in Plant Cell Biology


PhD in Biology, 1997. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Dissertation title: The gene egalitarian in Drosophila oocyte determination and polarity.
BA in Biology, 1988. Williams College, Williamstown, MA. Magna cum laude, with highest honors.


Co-Founder and Managing Editor, Plant Editors. (2009-present). Edit manuscripts, grant proposals, and scientific documents in the field of Plant Biology.
Science Editor, The Plant Cell. (2007-present). Edit manuscripts with respect to presentation of scientific content, compliance with journal policies, and presentation for a broad readership. Write In Brief articles highlighting selected papers.
Senior Scientist, Chromatin, Inc. (2001-2005, 2007-2010).  Research and writing at plant biotechnology and biofuels company.
Lecturer, The University of Chicago. (2006-2008).  Topics course on Genetically Modified Food, for undergraduates
Instructor, Loyola University Chicago. (2005-2006).  Introductory Biology Lab course for undergraduates.
Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Chicago.  (1997-2001).  Characterized accelerated cell death mutant in plant disease resistance, Dr. Jean Greenberg’s laboratory.
Graduate Student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. (1989-1997). Characterized cytoskeleton and cell polarity in Drosophila oogenesis, Dr. Ruth Lehmann’s laboratory.
Research Associate, Columbia University, New York, NY.  (1988-1989). Department of Biology; with Dr. Martin Chalfie. Research on C. elegans mechanosensory nerves and genetics.


National Institutes of Health, Small Business Innovation Research Phase I and II grants to J. Mach as P.I. $896,897 (2001-2005)
Department of Energy, Small Business Innovation Research Phase I grants to J. Mach as P.I. $300,000 total (2001)
United States Department of Agriculture National Research Initiative Competitive Grants Program Postdoctoral Award (1999)
National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship (1989-1993)
Henry A. Dwight Botanical Prize, Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa (1988)


Selected In Brief Reviews:

Mach, J. (2015). Advice to the Lovelorn Polyploid Plant. Plant Cell 26: 3470.
Mach, J. (2013). Special Delivery: In Vitro Functional Examination of the Twin-Arginine Transport Complex Core Component cpTatC. Plant Cell 25: 778.
Mach, J. (2012). Calcium Channels and Acquired Thermotolerance: Here Comes the Sun and It’s All Right. Plant Cell 24: 3167.
Mach, J. (2009). Flipping the centromere switch: reactivation of a dormant centromere in maize. Plant Cell 21: 1876.
Mach, J. (2008). Transposon trouble: macrotransposition and chromosome remodeling in maize. Plant Cell 20: 2008.

Selected Press Releases:

Mach, J.M. (2012). Solved: The Mystery of the Blood OrangeBlood oranges present both a culinary delicacy and a vexing agricultural and scientific mystery.
Mach, J.M. (2012). Is your leaf left-handed? Previously overlooked asymmetry in Arabidopsis and tomato leaves.

Research Publications:

Luo, S., Mach, J., Abramson, B., Ramirez, R., Schurr, R., Barone, P., Copenhaver, G., and Folkerts, O. (2012). The Cotton Centromere Contains a Ty3-gypsy-like LTR Retroelement. PLoS ONE 7, e35261.
Carlson, S. R., Rudgers, G. W., Zieler, H., Mach, J. M., Luo, S., Grunden, E., Krol, C., Copenhaver, G. P., and Preuss, D. (2007). Meiotic transmission of an in vitro-assembled autonomous maize minichromosome. PLoS Genet 3: 1965-1974.
Mach, J. M. and Greenberg, J.T. (2003) Free Radicals and oxidative damage.  In L.D. Nooden (Ed) Plant Cell Death Processes. (pp. 203-214) Academic Press, San Diego, CA.
Mach, J. M., Castillo, A. R., Hoogstraten, R., and Greenberg, J. T. (2001). The Arabidopsis-accelerated cell death gene ACD2 encodes red chlorophyll catabolite reductase and suppresses the spread of disease symptoms. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 98: 771-776.
Mach, J.M. (2001) Organelle Preparations.  In Weigel, D., and Glazebrook, J. (Eds.) Arabidopsis-A Laboratory Manual. (pp. 217-221) Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Published online as: CSH Protocols; 2007; doi:10.1101/pdb.prot4681 and CSH Protocols; 2007; doi:10.1101/pdb.prot4682
Mach, J. M., and Lehmann, R. (1997). An Egalitarian-BicaudalD complex is essential for oocyte specification and axis determination in Drosophila. Genes Dev 11: 423-435.

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