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Meet our new Science Editor

Here at Plant Editors, we love being able to conduct in-depth edits of our clients’ papers. To make your manuscripts even better, we’ve started a two-editor model, where papers get a thorough edit from a team of two experienced, PhD-level plant biologist editors. After testing this model on a few manuscripts, we found that (no surprise), the double-edited papers turn out great. Of course, you can still choose your managing editor– check out our list of editors to match your subject to our expertise or go for first available.

We understand that your work needs to be published without delay. To maintain our rapid turnaround rate, we’re adding capacity. Like the Founding Editors, our new Science Editors are top-quality editors with PhDs and lots of experience in plant biology. Our Editors also hold your work in the strictest confidence. None of our Science Editors currently work in the lab and we do not share your findings with anyone who does.

Today, we’re excited to introduce our first new Science Editor, Jennifer Lockhart. Jen also works as a Science Editor for The Plant Cell, where she’s known for her quick, accurate editing and thoughtful, accessible writing. She is a plant biologist with extensive editing and research experience in both academia and industry, with particular experience in plant transformation and phytohormones. Learn more about Jen here.