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Lisa A. Martin

Lisa Martin

Science Editor
ORCID: 0000-0002-4770-2849


Open Studies Certificate in Journalism, 2014. University of Warwick, UK.
Postgraduate Certificate in Science Education, 2005. University of Warwick, UK.
BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, 2004. University of Warwick, UK.


Freelance Science Writer and Editor. (2009–Present). Edit and format scientific manuscripts, reports, and funding applications. Write on scientific topics for academia and industry, including press releases, news articles, web content, educational resources, marketing materials, social media and blog posts.
Outreach & Communications Manager, Global Plant Council. (2015–Present). Manage internal and external communications for a global plant science non-profit organization including writing and editing journal papers, reports, marketing materials, web content, newsletters, social media and blog posts.
Research & Engagement Officer, GARNet. (2013–2015). Organised events and managed communications for GARNet, the UK’s Arabidopsis research network.
Knowledge Transfer Manager, Agriculture & Horticulture Development Board. (2013). Produced educational resources based on scientific research for the field vegetable horticulture industry.
Senior Account Executive, IMC Healthcare Communication. (2011–2012). Organized events and developed healthcare provider and patient resources on behalf of global pharmaceutical companies.
Editorial Assistant, BioMed Central. (2008–2011). Oversaw the submission and peer review process for the BMC series of biomedical journals.
Biology & Chemistry Teacher, Cranbrook School. (2005–2008). Taught Biology and Chemistry at a boarding high school in Kent, UK.


Journal Publications

Martin, L., Cook, C., Matasci, N., Williams, J., and Bastow, R. (2014). Data mining with iPlant: a meeting report from the 2013 GARNet workshop, Data mining with iPlant. J Exp Bot 66: 1–6.
Cook, C., Martin, L., and Bastow, R. (2014). Opportunities in plant synthetic biology. J Exp Bot 65: 1921–1926.

Selected Press Releases

Martin, LA. (2016). Solving a plant-based Rubik’s cube puzzle.
Martin, LA. (2016). Using ‘chemical origami’ to generate customisable high-value chemicals from plants.
Martin, LA. (2016). Serpentine plants survive harsh soils thanks to borrowed genes.
Martin, LA. (2016). Variation in vernalisation gene could help us breed more climate resilient brassicas.
Martin, LA. (2016). Scientists discover how Chinese medicinal plant makes anti-cancer compound.
Martin, LA. (2015). Seeing is believing: high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy validates plant virus research.
Martin, LA. (2015). Cause or consequence? Scientists help to settle an epigenetic debate.
Martin, LA. (2015). Monocot immune receptor works in dicots too.