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Figures in focus: Figure review services at Plant Editors

The figures are the heart of a scientific paper––reviewers and readers often read the title and abstract and jump straight to the figures before they even look at the rest of the text.

To help you make your figures appealing and understandable, the figure experts at Plant Editors can take a deep dive into your figures. When you choose a comprehensive figure review, you receive a detailed report for each figure that includes suggestions to improve the presentation. We provide suggestions in a collegial manner, making figure reports excellent tools to help trainees improve their figure-making skills.

Here are some of the aspects we check as part of the comprehensive figure review:

  1. Figure text: In our standard text edit, we check your figures for typos, make sure the figure callouts correspond to the correct figures, and edit your legends for clarity and completeness. In our comprehensive figure review, we scrutinize the figure text to make sure it’s easy for the reader to understand.
  2. Consistency: With so many multi-institution collaborations, it can be hard to make the figures uniform, but figures should look like they were all made by the same person.
  3. Scientific standards: Beyond checking for scale bars and error bars, we help raise the bar for your figures by checking for other scientific issues.
  4. General layout and aesthetics: Polished figures leave the reviewer with a good impression of your diligence and competence. Let us help you look good!
  5. Use of color: As part of our service, we suggest color schemes that work with the scientific content and are understandable by readers with impaired color vision.
  6. Appropriate image handling: Standards around image manipulation are evolving as technology evolves. Our collaborations with journal editorial boards keep us up to date with journal standards for image presentation. We check the images within figures to save authors from embarrassing interactions with reviewers later in the publication process.

Ready to have your figures checked? Upload your manuscript and add a comprehensive figure review. If you don’t need your entire manuscript edited, you can get a standalone figure review by uploading your figure legends in the “Word files” field, with your figure and full manuscript files in the “for reference” field.

Have questions? Contact Plant Editors for more information about our editing, writing, and illustration services, including figure review and help with figure preparation.