Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

1. Should I send my figure files with my manuscript?
For your initial price quote, you may send just a Word file of your manuscript, without any figures. If you accept the quote, please send a pdf file of your figures so that your editor can understand your figure legends and check for typos. Your editor will also check your figures for clarity, accuracy, and presentation.

2. Can I request a specific editor?
Yes, or you may request the first available editor. We’ll make every effort to accommodate your request, but specific editors may take a little more time depending their schedules. Just note your preference when you submit your files for a free price quote.

3. Should I warn you that I have a rush job coming up?
Yes, please! When we have notice that you will need expedited editing, we can save you a spot in our schedules. If you are working frantically on a paper, let us know!

4. How can I see what changes you made to my manuscript?
We use the Track Changes feature of Word to make changes to your manuscript. This way, you can see which text we changed, what the original text was, and what comments/questions we have about your text. You can use the Accept Change tool to prepare a clean draft for submission.

5. Will you write my response to reviewers’ letter?
Although we will not write your response letter, we would be happy to edit it and provide suggestions to improve it. You know your research best, and we believe that you are in the strongest position¬†to address the reviewers’ concerns. Once you’ve done that, we can help make sure that your response letter helps make your case clearly and effectively.

6. How do I pay?
After your editing is complete, your editor will send you an invoice. You can pay by credit card (via Freshbooks or PayPal), check, or bank transfer. See more under our Pricing and Services page!

7. Do you check for plagiarism?
We don’t routinely check for plagiarism, but sometimes we find it by accident. If we notice that some passages have too much similarity to previously published work, we will send it back to you so that you can re-write these passages in your own words. Because it’s easy to accidentally write text that has too much similarity to other writing in the field, we strongly suggest that our clients use a plagiarism-checking program, such as those provided by many institutions or journals– better you should find it than the journal editor or reviewers!