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Chris J. Meyer


Science Editor


PhD in Plant Biology, 2010. University of Waterloo, Canada. Dissertation: Exodermal function and suberin chemistry.
BSc (Hons.) in Biology (plant biology specialization), 2004. University of Waterloo, Canada.


Undergrad Lab Coordinator (Botany), University of Guelph, 2013–present.
Mentor & Liaison, Planting Science (student outreach program), 2017–present.
Undergrad Lab Demonstrator, Brock University, 2011–2013.
Sessional Lecturer, Wilfrid Laurier University, 2008–2011.
PhD Candidate, University of Waterloo, 2005–2010.
Research Assistant, Universities of Waterloo & Bayreuth, Germany, 2003–2004.
Research Assistant, Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada, Harrow & Guelph, 2001–2003.


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