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Large, oval leaf from Nicotiana tabacum and four smaller heart-shaped leaves from Nicotiana benthamiana

Here at Plant Editors, we like to make sure readers know exactly what our authors mean by a specific word. For example, we generally recommend that authors provide the genus and species the first time they mention a particular plant. This helps make sure that the reader knows exactly which plant the authors are writing…

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White flowers

Here at Plant Editors, we are your partners for writing in plant biology. Our collegial, helpful, and thorough editors will read your paper, correct errors, and provide suggestions for making your writing clear, concise, and effective. As highly trained plant biologists, we also examine the content, pointing out missing controls and experimental details, flagging incorrect…

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Siberian squill (Scilla siberica), small blue flowers with a yellow center and green leaves.

Here at Plant Editors, we know that sometimes you need to trim the word count of your manuscript––and many times, streamlining your text makes it easier to read too. How can you reduce the word count without making your paper hard to read? DO: Omit needless words. Text like “the results showed that”, “are known…

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