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Brownea macrophyllla flower: a large, puffy orange flower with stamens sticking out in all directions.

The figures are the heart of a scientific paper––reviewers and readers often read the title and abstract and jump straight to the figures before they even look at the rest of the text. To help you make your figures appealing and understandable, the figure experts at Plant Editors can take a deep dive into your…

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Large, oval leaf from Nicotiana tabacum and four smaller heart-shaped leaves from Nicotiana benthamiana

Here at Plant Editors, we like to make sure readers know exactly what our authors mean by a specific word. For example, we generally recommend that authors provide the genus and species the first time they mention a particular plant. This helps make sure that the reader knows exactly which plant the authors are writing…

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Red tulips with yellow centers, viewed from above.

In 2021, Stuart F. McDaniel published a well-written, thoughtful paper in New Phytologist titled “Bryophytes are not early diverging land plants”. In this paper, he called out the use of terms such as “higher” or “lower”, “basal lineage”, “ancient”, and “early diverging” as being inaccurate interpretations of phylogeny that harken back to when all organisms…

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