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Everyone needs a deadline

Have you ever had a paper in the pipeline that just sat there week after week because life was full of lectures, research, grant proposals, and other commitments? And even though you really wanted to get those results out there, you struggled to find the time to sit down and write? It’s often easier to meet hard deadlines than it is to find the motivation to focus on a task with no specific deadline when there are so many other priorities demanding your attention.

Why not let Plant Editors help get you back on track with your next manuscript?

Here’s how:
1. Set a time-frame for when you would like to submit your manuscript to a journal.
2. Send us a message, letting us know when to expect your manuscript for editing.  Many of our clients find that it really helps to set up an editing appointment with us in advance, as this gives them the deadline they need to finally get that paper written.
3. Get writing!

If you let us know in advance of any upcoming work, we will be sure to block off the time in our schedule. Contact us today, and get writing!